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Welcome to my website! I am using this website for my Advanced Web Design and Javascript class. Here I will be putting on my work for assignment's and hopefully using this to verse some of my interests. Thanks for viewing! Neocities.

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x + y = 38

y + z = 37

x + z = 29

x + y + z = 52

Counting Coins Assingmment

The Value Of 3 quarters, 4 dimes, 1 nickel and 3 pennies is = 128 or $1.28

Timely Measures Assignment

Blackjack Assignment

Queen, Ace

Prime Time Assignment


Design Scheme Assignment

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Waiting For The Weekend

Dinner Plans

Smile For The Canvas

Silly Sentences Assignment

John and Mike (Verb) through a field, as they did so a giant (noun) jumped from the bushes at them. They then both (verb) at the creature. The creature got scared and revealed that it had a (adjective) spot. The two boys then (verb) at the creature as it runs away. They continue on. Next a (noun) erupts from the ground and they both fall. They see now that the (adjective) field was too dangerous to stay in. They both head back to their house in (location).

Now you try filling in out!, after you finish it click the button so you can see the real words in the story

Smile For The Canvas

Simon Says Assignment

For this there are 4 gifs below. In order the dancing man is 1, the fart gun is 2, Muscle man is 3, the man riding a pig is 4,5 Is the orangutan walking

The gif order for you to click on is: 3, 5, 2 ,4 ,1


Interactive Menu Assignment

Below there is a set of resources about information on Primates (Apes, Monkeys And Lemurs primarily) You may click on them to display the information on their species.